Photography is my connection to physical and emotional territories where I find creativity, discourse, exploration and ultimately refuge in both the natural and imagined world. The photographic process allows me to visualize my search for understanding intangible inner realms of being. In order to do this, I focus on unveiling the essential properties and paradoxes of a very complex set of historical and mythological codes. I construct images using the elemental symbols of earth, wind, fire and water atop layers of the human condition, often utilizing those substances to add a nuanced complexity.

In order to build these images, I start with an emotional experience within the physical world. Literary and historical sources help me to articulate what is going on inside. I look for symbols and myths that help tell the story. Utilizing costume and set design, I often reference sculpture and drawing as part of the process. Once I have collected the necessary imagery, I combine and layer the constructions with antique and digital technology. Printing methods can include silver, platinum, solar plate etching and chromogenic inks on fabric, wood and paper substrates. Depending on the poetic expression necessary to distill the essential elements into a new narrative, I use a variety of capture devices ranging from large and medium format to underwater photography.

It is my hope to elicit a visceral response to the ideas and personal narratives in my work. I wish to create more introspection than answers and to lead the viewers to step outside themselves and find new pathways, both emotional and physical, on which to walk.